Pension Assistance

The Pension section of our sub-Branch provides a “without charge” pension and advocacy service. This service assists with the lodging of claims under the Veterans’ Entitlements Act and the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Scheme

Should you have an injury or disease that you believe is related to your military service and wish to make a claim our Officers are accredited under the Training Information Programme (TIP) conducted by the Department of Veteran Affairs. This programme enables our officers to accurately submit claims so they are assessed in the shortest possible time.

Our officers update their skills as required; have access to the latest information via our office network, including access to the Internet and have developed a close relationship with DVA Staff.

Irrespective of your status under the Compensation Act, our Pension Officers are trained in the Safety Compensation and Rehabilitation Act, the Veterans’ Entitlement Act and the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act.

As mentioned above this is a “without charge” service and as an ex Service or as a current Service Defence Force Member you are eligible, irrespective of the currency of your RSL membership.

For those seeking assistance, please call to talk to our Pension Officers or attend the Pensions Sub Branch office located on the lower ground floor of the Penshurst RSL Social Club at 58a Penshurst Street, Penshurst NSW 2222.

As our Pensions Officers have a demand for their time, it is advisable, in requesting assistance, that you arrange for an appointment either by telephoning our Sub Branch on 02 9580 8970, or attend in person on a Friday between the hours of 1.30PM and 3.00PM.

For those wishing to gain detailed information please visit the RSL NSW site to view or download the Pension and Welfare Assistance information document (20th March 2007)

Should a medical condition make it impossible for you to visit us, a home visit can be arranged. For those residing outside the Sydney area, your local RSL Sub Branch Pension Officer will be able to assist.

Pensions Officers: Mr Bob Leedow and Mr Alan Davis


  • Fully trained by the Department of Veterans Affairs (D.V.A.).
  • Information programs (TIP) courses 1 & 2, Workshop & Advocacy course.
  • Extensive experience in DVA Pensions, attending refresher courses annually.
  • Military Compensation & Rehabilitation Scheme (MCRS) courses.
  • Duration: 5 years.

All cases are treated on a strictly confidential basis and your privacy is assured.

Seeking Assistance

Please phone our Pension Officers
(02) 9580 8970
Or visit our office:
Penshurst RSL Social Club
58a Penshurst Street
Penshurst NSW 2222